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Recent trips we have organised:

Hawker HS 125 Mid size Jet:

Multileg business trip flying to Europe and Africa covering 12 flights in 3 days, we also managed the airport transfers.

Multi Leg Flights from Johannesburg touring throughout South Africa whilst client out there on holiday family to with friends and family

Falcon 2000 heavy jet flying families from Eastern Europe to Zakinthos on Holiday

Citation Light Jet flying business party from London to Nice return.

Citation 11 Light Jet flying party from Monaco to Northern Ireland including helicopter transfer from Monaco

Gulfstream G550 Heavy Jet:

14 passengers on holiday London to Antigua

Falcon 900 Heavy Jet:

12 passengers on Holiday from eastern Europe to Dubai

Citation CJ2 Light Jet:

3 passengers flying from Bombay touring parts of India on holiday over 4 days.

European Business trip:

Citation XLS: 8 passengers travelling through Europe covering 9 destinations in 5 days.

Weekend Break:
 Family flying to Cannes for weekend family event.

Day trip to Cornwall:
 Party of Friends flying from London down to Newquay to visit Rick Steins restaurant.

Day trip to see Manchester United:
 Party of friends flying from Minsk to Manchester to see the Champions League

Emergency Flight: 
Following the volcanic ash crisis flying a family home who were stranded in Southern Spain.

VIP Airliner:

We flew a large group of corporate clients and their guests to Cognac to visit a famous distillery. The tour was followed by dinner and of course, brandy sampling! We also arranged a selection of brandy and brandy cocktails to accompany the VIP inflight hospitality.

case study: Multi-leg trip for an American company with offices in Europe

The Brief

Exquisite Air Charter Limited (EACL) received an enquiry for a multi - leg trip from Sarah, a PA who works for an American company with head offices in Surrey, United Kingdom. Already a customer of EACL, they wanted a quote for a 6 – leg - trip visiting their offices across Europe. To save time they wanted to fly into smaller airports as near to their offices as possible and also requested on - board catering and a flight attendant. They knew the maximum staff numbers would be 8 and this would be a combination of different members of staff from the various meetings throughout the trip.

Transport was required to take them from the airports to their meetings and from meetings to hotels. They also required conference facilities on returning to the UK near to Farnborough airport, before the CEO and FD flew back from Heathrow to the US that evening.

The day before arriving in the UK, they requested an additional flight to their offices in Northern Italy, making this 7 flights.


EACL recommended a Citation XLS Super Light Jet -9 seats with capacity for cabin crew for the European multi - leg - trip. “If the flight is non - stop say to New York you will need a bigger plane but if your hopping around Europe you can choose from a selection of much smaller planes”, commented Philip Cartwright, Managing Director, EACL.

“The Citation XLS Super Light has better braking power so can land on smaller runways at more remote airports, even at full capacity”, Philip Cartwright went on to say. “We make sure we cover every detail and never promise what we can’t deliver”.

Obviously not all planes come with flight attendants so you will need to select a certain plane for this and EACL will recommend models based on Sarah’s requirements for each trip.”

EACL offer a concierge service, so recommended and booked a Mercedes S class for the airport transfers to meetings and from the offices back to the hotels when necessary.

Once the initial catering requirements had been organised for the first flight, Sarah liaised with the flight attendants for the catering needs for the rest of the trip. For the first flight, they chose a continental breakfast with croissant, danish pastries, muffins, fruit juices, yoghurt and tea & coffee. For the early evening flights they chose sandwiches, baguettes, fresh fruit and a cheeseboard. They also requested some personal favourites, Tanqueray Dry Gin No 10 Ernest Hemingway and Grey Goose vodka to relax at the end of a busy day. Dinner meetings were booked within their hotels.

EACL quoted Sarah in full. “One of the problems with booking a trip is getting an all -inclusive price. The quotes we get from EACL are fully inclusive of attendants, catering and drinks, transport and accommodation where applicable there are no hidden charges!” That fact that Philip is available 24/7 and acts as our personal travel agent means we can get on with the job we do best”, commented Sarah.


EACL looked into available airports for the additional leg to Northern Italy. As Sarah had given them 12 hours notice, they were able to provide a choice of airports and times and check the appropriate weather conditions for flying into the chosen airport and fit this into the itinerary.

The flight from Northern Italy to Geneva would not take place until the next morning so Philip priced and booked a hotel based on a recommendation from another EACL client.

“When booking a plane and planning an itinerary for a trip, you can save money with the choice of airport and timing for your flight.” Philip Cartwright, Managing, EACL commented. EACL offered Sarah cost alternatives for airports to fly into for the 7- leg trip and the time it would take to transfer from certain airports to their office in that country. “The time of the transfer determines the cost of the cars. Some airports are open until midnight and others close at 6.00pm”, commented Philip Cartwright.

On returning to the UK, Philip recommended and booked the conference facilities at Farnborough airport so the client could use time to maximum effect before flying back to the states.

What happened?

Sun 23 May 2010: The CEO and financial director of the company flew in from the US to London in the morning.

Tue 24 May 2010: The following morning they were picked up from their hotel and taken to EGLF, Farnborough Airport, England United Kingdom. There Citation XLS was waiting on the tarmac for them.

Philip Cartwright was there to welcome the passengers and make sure everything ran smoothly.

They only had to arrive just 20 minutes before the flight to allow time for pre - flight checks and the luggage to be stowed while they had a quick coffee.

Once the plane had left the runway Philip was on to the chauffer company at the other end with ETA for arrival.

After the first leg the flight attendants liaised directly Sarah on their catering needs for the rest of the multi - leg trip – “Sometimes you don’t always know what you want to eat in advance, could be dependant on us moving the flight back or if we have lunch at one of our offices” commented Sarah.


Leg 1

To: LFRS, Nantes Atlantique, Nantes, PAYS DE LA LOIRE, FRANCE
Date: Departing Monday 24 May 2010 07.30 Local Arrive 09.40 Local
Flight Time: 00:55
Pax: 3

Leg 2

From: LFRS, Nantes Atlantique, Nantes, PAYS DE LA LOIRE, FRANCE
To: LFBZ, Anglet, Biarritz, AQUITAINE, FRANCE
Date: Departing Monday 24 May 2010 12.50 Local Arrive 13.50 Local
Flight Time: 00:50
Pax: 3

Leg 3

From: LFBZ, Anglet, Biarritz, AQUITAINE, FRANCE
Date: Departing Tuesday 25 May 2010 09:15 Local Arrive 11.30 Local
Flight Time: 02:15
Pax: 3

Leg 4

To: LIPH, Treviso, Italy
Date: Departing Tuesday 25 May 2010 14.15 Local Arrive 16.15 Local
Flight Time:02:00
Pax: 3

Leg 5

From LIPH Treviso Italy
To: LSGG Geneva Cointrin, Geneva, GENEVE, SWITZERLAND
Date: Departing Wednesday 26th May 2010 12.00 Local Arrive 13.00 Local
Flight time:00:50
Pax: 3

Leg 6

From: LSGG, Geneva Cointrin, Geneva, GENEVE, SWITZERLAND
To: EDTG Eshbach,BremgartenL,GERMANY, FED. REP. OF
Date: Departing Thursday 27 May 2010 12.00 Local Arrive 12.40 Local
Flight time:00:38
Pax: 3

Leg 7

From: EDTG Eshbach, Bremgarten, GERMANY, FED. REP. OF
Date: Departing Friday 28 May 2010 10.30 Local Arrive 10.45 Local
Flight time: 01:11
Pax: 3